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Consistency is key with any print marketing project. A mismatched approach not only comes across as unprofessional, it makes your business seemingly less memorable.

Print marketing in the digital age offers a refreshing alternative to the hugely saturated world of online information. Running a leaflet distribution campaign alongside your digital marketing will grow your reach, whilst enabling your brand to assert itself across various media.

The following 3 steps will provide the crucial first stages required to establish a visually consistent marketing plan for offline activities.


Your overall visual branding is your first point of call. A strong and recognisable appearance is essential for your print marketing to be able to follow suite. What are your brand colours and fonts? What message are you sending out? Are you adapting to current trends and building on them? Are you making it as easy as possible for your target audience to see who you are, what you do and why they should contact you?

If any of the above questions remain unanswered then this is most definitely your starting point. Once the boxes are ticked, it’s time to implement your branding onto everything you do.

print marketing

Matching Print Media:

As a minimum, the majority of businesses will require both leaflets / flyers and business cards. A matching set will look the part and can be used in a number of ways. By delivering consistency across the two they can be combined as a set, as well as distributed individually.

Consumers trust brands they recognise. Your printed media provides a seamless and memorable experience for your clients and potential clients.

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Echo your online presence:

The first place a business usually starts to introduce and develop it’s visual branding is online. Your print marketing should 100% reflect your website and social media accounts. 

Repetition is used in advertising as a way of keeping a product or service fresh in the minds of the consumers. Messages become more powerful and noticed when they are seen more than once. Here lies a perfect opportunity to target a local audience online, as well as directly to their homes, work, or even at a networking event. 

A leaflet distribution or direct mail campaign is the perfect reinforcement to all of your online efforts. 


The importance of consistency across your print marketing should never be underestimated. Deliver an extended version of your visual branding and don’t be afraid to repeat your message. Build credibility, trust and loyalty with the combined efforts of both online and offline marketing.   

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