Effective Marketing Ideas & Inspiration – The Three C’s

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Marketing ideas and inspiration are certainly not hard to come by when perusing the world wide web. Websites, blogs, social media posts, magazines and books offer an infinite supply of tried and tested methods. Any business can put a strategy together, implementing these ideas with their own. But what about before that? The three C’s are points to consider prior to, and during your next marketing plan.

The material listed here serves as a starting point, a source of contemplation to fuel your ongoing marketing ideas. Applicable across the board from content marketing, to direct mail, leaflet distribution, email and social media. The steps can be used to increase your brand recognition, credibility and essentially make you more memorable.

Be Creative

“Think outside the box” – you’ve heard everyone (and probably David Brent) saying it. If we’re all now thinking outside of this box then it’s no longer unique. It’s not enough. It’s time to start thinking outside of the warehouse that the box is sat in. Gaining peoples attention will only continue to become more and more challenging as our lives fill up with distractions coming from every which way. In 2018 it’s more important than ever to find your own path. Creative thinking is how you get noticed. What can you do to make the visual content you are producing unforgettable? 

Ideas and inspiration are everywhere. With a little imagination and a bit of practice it’s possible to create a flow of ideas to dip in and out of as and when you need them. A notes app, or even better an actual notebook is a great place to store everyday musings, doodles and rough sketches. 

Ultimately the main aim of this section is to push the boundaries. Don’t become complacent with your artwork or content. Be it for print or the web, keep it fresh. Try out new ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment with something completely new and different. 

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Be Concise 

The Oxford Dictionary says: Giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive. A perfect notion to consider with basically all of your marketing ideas and output. As mentioned in the last section, people are busy. They are distracted at every opportunity. They’re only making time for things that matter most to them. Knowing your target market, then showing them a brief but informative and memorable message will keep from over bombarding your prospects. 

Visuals are key here. Can you say it with a picture, an illustration or a photograph?

Visual information can be processed 60’000 times faster than text, and is easier to remember. – motocms.com

Letting images do most of the talking really is a no brainer. Backed up with a well thought out sentence or two, it’s a short, sharp hit that shouldn’t come across as pushing for a sale, that soon gets boring. Keeping your brand in front of your audience at timely intervals with content they are actually interested in, that’s effective marketing.


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Be Consistent

Branding plays a big part here. Can your visual content be recognised as being yours without your name or logo on it? A consistent style, colour scheme, and voice all help achieve this. Everything you publish, print, post, email and blog should have the same recognisable characteristics. We spoke about matching online and print campaigns in our recent 2018 Print & Distribution Trends post. A marketing mix with a strong identity will benefit your business in a number of ways, primarily making you a whole lot more memorable and trusted.     

Consistency also comes with the regularity of your messages. Repetition is a proven selling tool. Keeping your brand fresh in the memories of your target market is essential. Occasionally re-use your social media images, re-deliver leaflets to the same area, re-post links to your blog. It’s all about remaining at the forefront of the right audience. Whatever makes it into your strategy, keep pushing it. Not annoyingly of course, but don’t just try it once and move on. Persevere, track the results, if it’s working, great keep doing it, if it’s not, switch it up.   

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Hopefully a few sparks of inspiration to fire up some new marketing ideas there. Remember the three C’s can be applied to almost any of your promotional, marketing, and PR activities. Advertising company Leo Burnett hit the nail on the head with their quote:

“Make it simple, make it memorable, make it inviting to look at, make it fun to read.”           

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