Leaflet Distributor Lives – 5 Benefits

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Leaflet distributor lives are varied, flexible and come with a surprising number of benefits. If you’re considering a lifestyle change, or simply looking to earn an additional income, then read on to find out more about the financial, physical and mental rewards coming your way.

The role of a leaflet distributor can be challenging, yet instantaneously beneficial. We’ve gained valuable feedback from our team over the years, many of which have been with us from the beginning. Outlined below are the top 5 benefits, as well as a few words from the distributors themselves.

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1. Being Active

Number one for good reason, is the simple pleasure of being active. As you can see in the images above, the average week as a leaflet distributor is an active one. We often need a little motivation to get up and out. A looming job deadline is the perfect motivator! Tracking routes and steps also becomes rewarding as you constantly hit new records.   

2. Healthy Bank Balance

It’s the primary reason for the majority of new enquiries looking to become a leaflet distributor, for others it’s an added bonus to a healthy lifestyle. Average earnings for fast walkers can easily be in excess of £9 / £10 per hour. You don’t get that at the gym! 

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3. Fresh Air & (sometimes) Sunshine

Who wants to be stuck in an office all day when you can be enjoying the great outdoors? Take a deep breath and listen to the birds chirping! Fresh air comes with a number of health related benefits, including boosting your mood, increased energy and lowering anxiety. On the odd occasion that we get any sunshine here in the UK a leaflet distributor can also top up their tan as they work. The sun of course being another instant mood booster.

4. Flexibility

Not in the yoga sense, but more to do with time. All leaflet distribution companies work differently, but our approach in Derby has always been to give entire flexibility to each team member. Yes there will be a deadline, but apart from that each distributor can deliver to their assigned area on days and at times that suite them. For this reason we attract a lot of uni students, new parents, full time employed looking for a second income and retired.    

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5. Mental Health / Wellbeing

Number 5 but equally as important as number 1. It’s here at the bottom as it involves a combination of all of the above. Exercise, fresh air, extra money and the flexibility to be in control will all help in maintaining your wellbeing.     

Mental Health awareness week has just passed and it was comforting to see and hear people talking openly about the issue. Increasing awareness is vital in helping sufferers realise that they are by no means alone. Everyone needs to take care of their mental health as much as their physical health, so why not combine the two and earn at the same time? 

NB – We’re by no means saying that money will solve your problems here. Simply that for many distributors the extra money earned means not having to worry about it as much.

Fancy giving it a go? to request further information and arrange a Derby based trial just drop us a quick message [click] here.

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