Leaflet Distribution Trends for 2018

leaflet distribution trends

Leaflet distribution trends – As the battle for consumer attention continues, it’s important not to get complacent with your print marketing. What worked a year or 2 ago isn’t necessarily going to be as effective this year.

Here we will outline 5 of the key leaflet distribution trends of 2018, based on current behaviours and results rates. The main question we ask our clients following each distribution job is what sort of response they have received. Piecing together this information gives us the crucial industry knowledge on what’s working most effectively. 

Thicker paper stocks / higher GSM

This one gets the top spot for good reason! During the last half of 2017 an increased number of clients were opting for the thicker, 300gsm paper stocks over the standard 170gsm thickness. Demand for superior stock is one of the fastest rising trends we’ve witnessed over the last few years. 

2 instant benefits can be obtained here: A premium feel. These beauties feel luxurious, portraying an affluence that simply doesn’t come with thinner leaflets. Secondly they will arrive on your potential new customers door mat in pristine condition. Again with the thinner leaflets around 15 – 20% get crumpled in the letter boxes. Not a good look!

Eco Friendly Print

When the option doesn’t cost any extra, and even offers a higher quality finish it’s a no brainer. Eco friendly print is here to stay. It’s the least any business that prints marketing materials can do to minimise their impact on the environment.

All of our paper stocks are FSC® certified. 

FSC is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Learn more about the FSC and our paper stocks here.

Visit the FSC website.


A trend that remains at the forefront of effective leaflet distribution. If you want to get noticed, solus means your message and your message only is delivered. 

Cheap / shared distributions might seem like a budget friendly option, however this a) means your leaflet is lost in a sea of flyers, menus and booklets. And b) you have less control over the exact areas in which the distribution takes place. 

Sharing the limelight means sharing the response rates. Give your marketing message the prominence it deserves. 

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Matching Online Campaigns

It’s never been easier to set up targeted, local campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your online marketing should directly echo what you are sending out to your distribution areas.

Repetition is a proven selling tool. Both online and direct marketing should go hand in hand, reinforcing each other, your message and your offers.  

Setting up a social media campaign that runs alongside a distribution job will not only increase your reach, it will jog memories, prompt a call to action and ultimately increase sales.

Less Is More

I’ve got loads of time on my hands. I’ll happily stand and read an essay about your company’s fantastic offers!

Said nobody ever! 

Time is a precious thing. We are now marketing to the ever decreasing attention span. With this in mind, a concise, bold design with a clear call to action is all you need. Keep it simple, making sure the offer or deal that you are promoting is easy to understand within a few seconds. 

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Tweaking your leaflet distribution campaigns using the above key trends will bring your marketing bang up to date for 2018. 

It’s a crowded market place out there – one that your business needs to stand out from more than ever. Being visual and noticeable, alongside trying out new ideas and doing things a little differently will assist greatly in allowing you to shine like the star that you are! Cue the Aswad track – Sorry (not sorry). 

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