Leaflet Distribution Success – 4 Steps

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Leaflet distribution, there’s a fine art to getting it right. The following essential but often overlooked steps are your formula for success!

It’s been over a couple of years since our original post offering advice on how to get the most responses from your campaign. As we shortly approach our forth year in business, it’s time to share our updated knowledge with the businesses of Derby and Nottingham.

Leaflet distribution is all about response rates and return on your investment. Clearcut distributed an average of 16.5 thousand leaflets per campaign in 2016. Now that’s a substantial investment from our clients, especially from smaller businesses. The reason they opt for this form of marketing is simple. The results are fruitful, and the risks are minimal as long as you get it right. The recipe to success lies within four crucial steps: Consultation. Design. Print. Distribution.

1. Consultation:

At the time of writing this post, Clearcut are the highest rated leaflet distribution company in both Derby and Nottingham. Use this to your advantage – We’re on hand to discuss your ideas and contribute our own. We will precisely plan out your campaign and offer years of gained knowledge.

We know what works, and more importantly what doesn’t (see steps 2-4). At this stage demographic maps and house counts are available to provide the numbers needed for print and distribution. We will discuss timeframes, any special requirements and book your job in should you wish to go ahead.

2. Design:

The design of your leaflet is one of the most important aspects to get right. As you can well imagine, the human attention span is shrinking fast! With less time than ever to make that right first impression, it must be creative, it must be visual it must be noticeable.

A leaflet simply stating who you are and what you do will not work. Little to no response can be expected, even if it looks the part.

As an example: You are thinking of selling your property. Two separate leaflets from two separate estate agents have recently been posted through your door. They both look ok, grabbing the usual 1 or 2 seconds attention until you decide to read on or throw it in the recycling.

One has a very attractive offer that becomes apparent instantaneously. They are selling properties just like yours with an enticing discount on the selling fee (or maybe like the new online estate agents we are working with, they are offering a free iPad when you market your property with them).

The second leaflet has no offer, no discount, no clear message, no call to action. It’s just information. You see that they are an estate agents and that they sell houses. Chances are you already knew that.

Which one are you going to call? It’s a no brainer. The second leaflet will no doubt increase awareness. It may introduce people to your business that hadn’t previously known of it, it may even get a few responses, but nothing of any substance.

Of course we’re not suggesting you give away more than you can afford to. But have a think and get creative about what you can offer. A sale, discounts, buy x amount get 1 free, cashback offers, vouchers, free trials…the possibilities are endless and will work wonders on your response rates.

Keep it concise, keep it visual. Say what you need to say with the least amount of words possible.

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3. Print:

A high quality printed leaflet will further compliment the design work discussed in the last step. Crisp, sharp and bright is what you’re aiming for here. 

Our litho printed leaflets, flyers and business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with the same pristine finish. The higher the GSM, or grams per square meter the heavier and thicker the paper.

For door drops we recommend 170gsm or higher. Any less and a high percentage of the leaflets will get crumpled in the letter boxes. We can discuss your options and provide examples if needed.

4. Distribution:

Clearcuts true calling in life. Our clients main concern is always that their leaflets actually get delivered. This starts with the now standard GPS tracking. We can view the route taken, miles walked and time taken. A quick but careful analysis of this data indicates as to whether the job has been completed sufficiently.  

As a transparent business we share all of the route recordings with yourself. Once the distribution is complete, we’ll be straight in touch with the reports, enabling you to view the exact areas that have been covered.

Our success, and more importantly the success of your campaign at this stage, lies primarily in the hands of our team. For this reason they receive our upmost respect. We treat them well, and in return they treat your job, and every other job with undivided care and attention to detail.

We’ve worked hard to build up a solid and reliable leaflet distribution team in both Derby and Nottingham that take pride in their work. Yes, it’s not always fun (especially in the rain), but each and every member continuously and relentlessly impress us with the distances they cover.

Lastly for this step, numbers. Many clients come to us with the idea of 1000 leaflets bringing them a mountain of new business. It varies massively between different business sectors, but the response rates can be anything from 1% to 5%. If step 2 is right, you’ll be looking at the higher end of this spectrum. As a minimum we would recommend distributing 5000 or more. Depending on your business size or what you are promoting, 20’000 is a very popular number, bringing in an influx of calls, emails and website hits. As long as you are converting these responses, you have reached leaflet distribution success!

For many business sectors this form of marketing remains one of the most popular. Why? Because it works, but only when you get it right.

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