Leaflet Design – The Power of Simplicity

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Leaflet design requires a fine balance of information, images and space to breathe. The key to a visually appealing leaflet or flyer that brings in responses, is simplicity. Compelling graphic design has always embraced this absence of complication. Here’s how you can use the power of simplicity to increase your response rates, customers and revenue.

A leaflet design can easily draw influence from the world around us. Simplicity is big news right now in lifestyles as well as business. Take a look at the hugely popular Zen Habits website as an example. Ideas and actionable advice on mindfulness, decluttering and purpose. 

It’s a rebellion against the busy, noisy and always connected lifestyles that many of us lead. The end result is less chaos, more calm, organisation and focus. These are the elements we can borrow from and use as our inspiration.

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An effective leaflet design needs to be an attention grabber. It needs to be creative as well as concise. What it doesn’t want to be is over crowded, lacking a clear message or difficult to read.


More often than not, halving the text based information is both advisory and totally possible. Take a good look at the copy that’s about to make it’s way onto your new leaflet design. Now get creative! Can you say it with less words? Can you completely remove unnecessary chunks? Chances are the answer is yes. Strip it back and say what you need to say with as little as possible. 


Super important! They play the main role in gaining initial interest, as well as communicating what the flyer / leaflet is all about. Illustration offers a strong presence whilst also (normally, but not always) being much more engaging than photos. Keep it relevant but don’t be afraid to try out something a little different. With any type of visuals, space is key. Don’t cram in as many images as you can just for the sake of it. As with the text, less is more.

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What to include (and what not to include). 

This will vary depending on the expected use. Sometimes the intention of a leaflet or flyer is to provide a lot of information. We however, are focussing on the intended use being for leaflet distribution. In this instance a bold, clear message with creative use of space and visuals wins the attention.

Here’s what you should include as a minimum:

What’s on offer: The product or service you are promoting should be instantly recognisable. A short catchy headline.

Visuals: Don’t settle for average. This is what will grab that initial interest. Images must be of the highest possible quality.  

A special offer: Ideally you want to offer some sort of discount, free trial etc with the flyer. This not only increases the response rates, it also makes it easy to track the results of your campaign. 

Key facts / reasons: What’s in it for the person holding your flyer right now? Why should they contact you? Give 1 to 3 key facts or reasons.

Who & where you are: Normally towards the bottom of the page. Your branding should have already been apparent throughout the rest of the design. Make sure your logo is on there as well as your address. 

Call to action: Must be clear and direct. How to go about finding out more information or getting in touch.

What not to include:

Too much text / too many images: Long headlines, information overload and no visual focus will simply not get noticed.

Terrible fonts: Just no…use a font that is easy to read. 

A blank side: Always use both sides. Printing costs are about the same for both sides as they are for just the one. If your leaflet falls blank side down there’s always a possibility that it won’t be seen at all.

The benefits:

For you: You have streamlined and simplified your message. You are not wasting anyones time with unnecessary information. Your leaflet design is also much cleaner and professional looking.

For the person viewing it: Easy to understand and see what’s on offer straight away. They can visualise the benefits it will have on their lives. If it’s a product / service or activity they are interested in, they know exactly what step to take next.

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A leaflet design utilising the power of simplicity will benefit both your business and your customers / prospects. ‘Less is more’ has never been so true! Keep it simple, creative and concise. Eliminate the clutter and allow space to breathe. Your marketing material will not only look professional, it will have purpose and bring in those all important enquiries. 

Time for a new leaflet design? Let’s talk.


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