Free Leaflet Design With Any Print & Distribution Package

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Design, print and distribution play equal parts in the recipe of a successful leaflet campaign. Right up until the end of August we are excited to offer new and existing clients a free leaflet design with any print and distribution package*.

An eye catching design with a clear message is the first step in ensuring your product, service or promotion gets noticed. 3 seconds, that’s all you’ve got! Once your leaflet is picked up the person reading it will decide in no time whether to read on, or tear it into several pieces and place (never to be seen again) in the bin.

Our experience in the leaflet distribution industry means we know exactly which approach gains the highest response for your business. Working with your design requirements we will advise on how best to make the most of those vital few seconds in which your key message must be understood. Once the leaflet design is sent over to yourself, we will then happily make any further adjustments or changes that you require.

Leaflet distribution in Derby and Nottingham is constantly gaining in popularity, the reason being, it works. However it has never been more important to get the 3 crucial steps right to ensure your marketing budget sees a return. A high ROI is what we are looking to achieve for your business, this is achieved by standing out from the crowd.

  1. Eye catching, bold design with a clear message of what is on offer.

  2. Good quality print on a good quality card stock.

  3. A well planned out, GPS tracked distribution.

Contact us today mentioning SummerPromo15 for your free leaflet design.

*Terms & Conditions:

  • One free leaflet design per customer (Usual price £50 + VAT).
  • The design will be completed free of charge once the quote (print & distribution), areas and timeframe have been agreed.
  • Should you require us to purchase specific fonts or stock images, the costs will be included on your invoice.
  • The design will be completed to a junior designers best abilities. If you require further technical work additional charges apply.
  • Minimum print / distribution of 5000.
  • Offer valid from 22/07/15 to 31/08/15.

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