Customer Question – How do I know my leaflets will be delivered?

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It’s any customers main concern when using a leaflet distributor. “How do I know my leaflets will be delivered?” Apprehension towards this form of marketing is common, frequently as a result of a previous sub-standard service.

“Not a single route goes untracked, meaning complete confidence in the delivery of your campaign.” This is essentially our guarantee that your business leaflets or flyers will be delivered as instructed.

It all starts with the demographics. Our mapping software allows us to divide each area of Derby into demographic maps (pictured below), usually consisting of 1000 properties each. These maps are then allocated to our distributors with the relevant number of leaflets to deliver.

how do I know my leaflets will be delivered

The GPS tracking will commence once our distributor reaches their designated area. At this point we already know they should have enough leaflets to cover the vast majority of the map. The route recording will track the miles walked, time taken, and even the calories burned for the health conscious amongst us. Once submitted to us a review of the data takes place. A simple analysis provides the essential information needed to ensure the distribution has been delivered as it should be.

GPS Tracking Route Recording

But what if the data doesn’t add up?

Each and every distributor on the team is fully briefed on the procedures required. So what would ring the alarm bells?

  • A recording submitted with only part of the route tracked
  • The time taken is drastically shorter than we know it should be
  • Millage: they’ve not walked as far as we know they should have done
  • Only one side of each street recorded – The distributor has completed their area with another distributor who wasn’t tracking their own route
  • Leftover leaflets: Some areas will be slightly under 1000 in some cases. The distributors report back to us should tally roughly with what we expect them to have leftover

Should any of the above issues arise, we will keep you updated throughout the process while we ensure the remaining uncovered / untracked streets are completed.

Fundamentally, we want you, our customers to relax with the peace of mind that your leaflet distribution campaign is in the right hands. We go above and beyond to safeguard your valuable marketing materials, providing the guaranteed service we are renowned for. Should you wish to discuss a campaign, or simply require further information we are only a phone call or an email away.

Mike Hindle – Co-Founder

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