Why cheap leaflet distribution sucks

cheap leaflet distribution

We all love the experience of knowing we got a bargain right? However, cheap leaflet distribution is a term that should be approached with great caution.

If your main priority is to find cheap leaflet distribution for your marketing campaign you will need to be prepared for certain sacrifices to be made. In the worst case scenario one of these sacrifices would be that not a single leaflet will be delivered. It happens!

More commonly you will be included in a shared leaflet distribution. Generally prices starting from £30 per 1000 will mean your leaflet is being delivered with up to 4 other leaflets. Ever get a pizza menu through your door with a load of other leaflets hidden inside? That’s what your £30 gets you.

The age old saying you get what you pay for has never been more true than with leaflet distribution. As the great Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins once said…

“Good work ain’t cheap. Cheap work ain’t good!”

cheap leaflet distribution

“Cheap leaflet distribution may seem like an inviting choice to begin with, but is it worth compromising your response rates? When shopping around are you considering the results of your campaign?” – Mike (Co-founder at Clear Cut)

At Clear Cut Leaflet Distribution in Derby and Nottingham, solus (your leaflet delivered on it’s own) campaigns are the only sort of distribution we offer. Our focus is on maximum results and this is something that simply can’t be achieved with a shared drop. This also gives you the freedom to target the exact areas required. With our expert knowledge and the use of our demographic maps your campaign can be planned out and given the sole attention it deserves.

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